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Study MBBS in Russia/ Nepal/ China/ Ukraine/ Kyrgyzstan/ Germany.

Study MBBS in Bangladesh in Best Medical College in Lowest Package

Having an MBBS degree is a matter of repute, and many kids grow up with the dream of doing so. However, the cost of obtaining the same is rising every year and achieving that becomes an impossibility. In that regards next door neighbor of India, Bangladesh is becoming an upcoming choice for students who wish … Read more

Top MCI Approved Medical College to Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

As an educational hub, Kyrgyzstan is slowly becoming a famous destination when it comes to pursuing your MBBS dreams on an international level. A scenic country based in Central Asia Kyrgyzstan is one among the few countries which offer international students a chance to complete their MBBS and that too at a very reasonable cost. … Read more

Study MBBS in Georgia – Fees, Admission Process for Indian Students

Located at the juncture of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Georgia has become the most sought-after destination for students looking forward to pursuing MBBS in a European country. Although Georgia is a new destination for pursuing medical studies in comparison to other countries, its overall moderate climatic conditions, high-spirited people, and of course an experienced … Read more

Best Medical Colleges To Study MBBS in Germany at Lowest Package

Germany is one of the most technologically advanced nations in Europe. It has one of the largest economies and has a rich history of pioneering research and inventions. Thereby it can become a preferred location of studying a course like MBBS for several Indian students. A career in the field of research and sciences has … Read more

Best Medical Colleges To Study MBBS in Europe at Lowest Package

Studying medical science in India is a tough option, not only because of the sheer difficulty of the subject but also the limited availability of the course to the major population. The tough entrance test for all colleges and the exceptionally high cost of private institutions have made pursuing medical science very difficult in India. … Read more

Study MBBS in Poland – Fees, Admission Process for Indian Students

An integral part of Europe, Poland is an amazingly picturesque country with lots of natural heritage and beauty. The country is economically strong and diverse. In recent years, especially after 2010, Poland has become an attraction for hundreds of students to study medicine. Poland has a strong education system and a first-rate infrastructure. Being a … Read more

Study MBBS in New Zealand – – Direct Admission, Low Fees for Indian Students

The island nation of New Zealand is world known for peace and tranquillity. The education system of the country is so strong that it becomes the ideal place for Indian students to study MBBS. Housing one of the top most universities of the world, New Zealand offers a great opportunity to medical students with its … Read more

Study MBBS in Nepal – Direct Admission at Lowest Fees for Indians

Nepal is the place that more and more students are gravitating towards if they want to pursue MBBS. Not only Nepal is growing up to be one of the best places to study the medical sciences, but it also has made a significant impact on the international medical culture. From information sharing to teaching, Nepal’s … Read more