Enam Medical College Course, Fees Structure, Scope, Climate

Enam Medical College is basically a medical school cum hospital which is located in the Bangladesh region. The college is affiliated from the Dhaka University and is one of the major medical colleges of the country which offer the medical course. 

If you are someone who is looking forward to Study MBBS in this college and are seeking enough information in that regard then you are at the correct article.

We will provide you with all such relevant information about the college in our article to assist you in your purpose.

Courses Offered By Enam Medical College 

Well, Enam medical college is basically a mid-size medical school which is linked with the Dhaka University. The college is prominently known only for its MBBS program in Bangladesh and it receives the wide numbers of the admission applications both from the local region of Bangladesh and from the international scale as well.


There is no other medical course in the offering list of the college as the college is made only for the MBBS course. It offers the 6 years duration MBBS program to the aspirants which are comprised of the academic and the internship session.

Being the medical hospital as well the college provides a decent exposure of the internship in its institution itself, where the candidates get the chance to test their medical knowledge on a practical basis.

Here is the major course of study in the MBBS program of the college.

  • Human Anatomy 
  • General Medicine & Surgery
  • Orthopedics
  • Radiotherapy 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Ophthalmology 
  • Anesthesiology 
  • Ear, Nose, Throat
  • Forensic Medicine 
  • Obstetrics 
  • Gynecology etc.

MBBS Fee Structure of Enam Medical College  

Well, yes it is extremely important for all the aspirants to make themselves aware of the admission fee structure of MBBS in the University before they make their application for the admission. 

Once you are aware of the fee structure then you can accordingly arrange your funds for the admission.

Here below you can check out the MBBS fee structure of the University in the Chinese currency. 

  • First Year Fee- $20,000
  • Second Year Fee- $5000
  • Third Year Fee- $5000
  • Fourth Year Fee- $5000  
  • Fifth Year Fee- $5000
  • Sixth Year Fee- 45000

The above-mentioned fee structure includes just the tuition and the admission fee of the University. If we talk about the cost of living then it will be separately paid which may be around $100 on per month basis.

Enam Medical College Admission Eligibility Criteria 

The admission eligibility criteria is that required criteria of the University which must be satisfied by all the aspirants as without satisfying it no candidate can be granted the admission. 

Here below you can check out this admission eligibility criterion of the University. 

  • The candidates who come from the STEM background and have qualified the 10+2 exam in the subjects of physics, chemistry, and biology can apply for the admission.
  • Candidates must have scored a minimum of 65% marks in the 10+2 exam.
  • There should be a minimum of the 2 years of study experience in the above-mentioned subjects.
  • Candidates must be having fluent English speaking skills.
  • The minimum age of the candidate should be 17 years while the maximum age may reach 25 years.

Facilities & Amenities in the Enam Medical College for the Students 

We know that a medical student requires some sort of basic facilities for themselves which may help them in the course of their studies without any discomfort. 

The University keeps it in its consideration and hence offers all kinds of the basic facilities to them so that they can manage their studies with ease. 

Here below you can check out the list of those basic facilities.

  • Separate hostel facilities for the male&female candidates 
  • Wifi and the internet facilities within the hostel and campus 
  • Large classes and the lecture halls for the candidates 
  • Playground and the gym facilities 
  • Banking services within the campus 
  • Mess& Canteen facilities etc. 

Scope of MBBS from Enam Medical College & Scholarship Program of the College

Well if you are one of those aspirants who look forward to studying MBBS from the highly recognized world-class medical Universities in the world then EnamMedical University surely gets a place in such list. 

The University is a globally recognized University which is approved by all the major medical bodies in the world such as WHO, UNESCO, etc thus you don’t have to concern yourself about the scope of your MBBS degree from this particular University. 

Once you finish your MBBS education and get your degree then you can work anywhere in the world as a doctor after clearing the screening exam. If you belong to the poor section of the society and can’t afford your MBBS fee then you can apply for the scholarship program of the University. 

We urge you to visit their official website or the campus in order to have more information about the scholarship eligibility criteria so that you can make your application for the same.

Climate of Savar Dhaka (Bangladesh) & Contact Information of the Enam Medical College 

Dhaka is the prime region in the district of which this college is located and if we talk about the climate of this region then it is hot tropical. There you will witness the wet and dry climate conditions with the average rainfall of 1854 mm. 

If we talk about the average temperature of Dhaka then it is around 25 degrees and the major part of it comes from the summer which may get really hot at times. 

So, overall the climate of the region is just like the surrounding Asian Nations and shouldn’t be an issue for the Asian residents. The severe point about the climate of the Dhaka is that it can get extremely polluted due to the heavy traffic in this region which may cause health issues to the candidates. 

Here below is the contact information of the administration of the college, where you can just reach them for any of your queries.

Phone- +88-01716358146, +88-01749443353

Website- http://emch.com.bd/



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