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Jilin Medical University,Courses, Fees, Climate Etc

Jilin Medical University is basically the Chinese Medical University which is located in the city of Changchun. The University has been named as the Jilin Medical University since it is located in the province of Jilin (China).

The University was founded in the year 1946 and is currently one of the most leading medical Universities in China and the top of the Jilin province. It is basically the “A” class university of Chinese Ministry of Education and it supports several of the state key projects in the domain of health & well being of the region and the country. 

The University has always been as one of the best medical educational institutions not just for the Chinese residents, but for the overseas students as well. This is the reason why the overseas students consider the University at their top preference to study the several kinds of medical courses from the University.

Well, if you are also looking forward to studying the MBBS or any other medical course from this University then you are the correct article.

Here in this article, we will provide you with enough set of information on the basis of which you can seek or consider your admission into the University. 

Courses Offered by Jilin Medical University 

Jilin University is known for its world-class medical educations but being the prime University of the country it offers several other courses in various domain. If you are wondering about the stream of courses that you can avail from the University then here you can read it below for your consideration.

  • Philosophy 
  • Medicine
  • Science & Engineering 
  • Agriculture 
  • Management 
  • Art
  • Laws etc.

So, these are the major domain of courses in which you can study the desired courses as per your preference yet the medical domain of the University is considered to be at the top.

There are several kinds of courses in the medical domain such as Nursing, MBBS, BDS, Prentice programs, etc.

MBBS Program of Jilin Medical University 

Well, there is no doubt that the MBBS is one of the most subscribed programs of the Jilin University which is sought both by the native and the international students as well. The MBBS program of the university is comprised of 6 years where the first 5 years are about the academics and the last 1 year is about the internship period.

The college offers the world class standard of education to the aspirants and the medium of study is English which is favorable to all the aspirants around the world.

Here are some of the major subject of studies that the students will study in college.

  • General Medicine
  • Orthopedics
  • Biochemistry 
  • Radiotherapy 
  • Human Physiology 
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Pharmacology 
  • Gynecology
  • General Surgery
  • Obstetrics
  • Psychiatry 
  • Ear, Nose, Throat, etc.

MBBS Fee Structure of Jilin Medical University 

Well, before you aspire to study the MBBS from the Jilin University we urge you to make yourself aware of the fee structure of the University. It will let you make your analysis that whether the fee of the University is in your budget or not. Considering this factor here below we are going to list down the MBBS fee structure of the Jilin Medical University.

Kindly note that since the University is located in the region of China then here we are going to mention the fee structure in the Chinese currency itself. You can convert this amount into your own local currency for the sake of your convenience and understanding. 

  • First Year Fee- 29000 RMB
  • Second Year Fee- 29000 RMB 
  • Third Year Fee- 29000 RMB
  • Fourth Year Fee- 29000 RMB
  • Fifth Year Fee- 29000 RMB
  • Sixth Year Fee- 29000 RMB

The above-mentioned MBBS fee structure of the University doesn’t include the cost of living thus you need to keep it in your mind.

Jilin Medical University Admission Eligibility Criteria

The admission eligibility criteria of the Jilin Medical University is something, which must be met out by all the aspirants who are seeking their admission into the University.

Here below you can read this eligibility criterion of the University for your consideration.

  • The minimum age of the candidate should be 17 years and the minimum standard of education should also be 10+2.
  • The compulsory subject of studies in the 10+2 exam should be physics, chemistry,biology&english.
  • The minimum passing percentage in the 10+2 exam is 50%
  • Indian candidates need to qualify the NEET exam before making their application for the MBBS courses.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in China 

As we have already stated that the Jilin Medical University is the prominent medical University of China and If you are looking for some specific advantages that the University offers to its students then you can read it below in our pointwise guide.

  • First of all the University is well recognized by the world-class medical bodies such as WHO, GMC, UNESCO, MCI, etc thus you will get the full value of your degree from the University. 
  • The medium of MBBS course at the University is English which is compatible with all the students.
  • The cost of tuition and other charges as well are very low at the University. 
  • It is one of the top-ranked medical Universities in China.
  • The cost of living lower and the environment of the region is fully safe.
  • This University is recognized by the MCI as well, which is the huge criterion for the Indian medical aspirants.

Amenities and other Facilities in the Jilin Medical University 

The University takes the due care that all the students can finish their studies with their utmost convenience and without the lack of any basic facilities. This is the reason that the University makes sure that all the students are provided with the basic facilities to help the students with their studies.

Here are the basic facilities that you will get to the University. 

  • The bigger lecture halls for the space of each and every student.
  • Hostel or the living facilities for the native and the international students.
  • Mess facilities to provide a healthy food supply.
  • Gym and the sports grounds availability.
  • 24/7 basis for medical assistance.
  • Internet and the library facilities etc.

Scholarship & Placement Opportunities at the Jilin Medical University 

Yes, the Jilin Medical University offers financial assistance to the students in the form of the scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to make sure that each and every student of the University can afford the fee structure of the University and make their dream come true of being a doctor.

We urge you to visit the campus of the University in order to have more information about the scholarship program and make your application.

Moreover, the University offers decent campus placement opportunities to the students, where several other medical bodies hire the Doctors from the University to work with them at the decent salary package. You can choose either to work with them or start your own practice.

Climate of Changchun(China) & Contact Details of Jilin Medical University 

The climate of the country is very important to be considered by every such student who is going to study the MBBS in the country. As the University is located in the Changchun city of the country thus we will discuss the climate of the same region. 

This region has a humid continental climate with the same typical four seasons. Here the winters are the longest in the comparison of any other climate and the climate in the month of January may have as low as -15 degrees of the temperature. Here the spring and the autumn are the shortest seasons and the summer season can also be hot and humid.

The average temperature in the region for the month of July can be at around 24 degrees, which is still very lower in the comparison of the other Asian region’s countries.

Overall the region has decent climate characteristics and if you are someone, who loves winter and can really stand out to it then there won’t be many issues for you to spend 6 years of your life. 

If you are further having any other query then we are dropping down the contact information of the University, where you can easily reach them and raise your questions.

Phone- 86-431-85166885, +86 431 8516 6316



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