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Best Medical Colleges To Study MBBS in Europe at Lowest Package

Studying medical science in India is a tough option, not only because of the sheer difficulty of the subject but also the limited availability of the course to the major population. The tough entrance test for all colleges and the exceptionally high cost of private institutions have made pursuing medical science very difficult in India. However, studying abroad comes as a better alternative for these students.

MBBS courses in Europe are offered in the range of 9 to 60 lakhs and have several of these institutions have great faculty to vouch for. While there are plenty of great options in Europe as well one must have a thorough knowledge of the right colleges to apply in Europe. There are several MCI approved universities with low cost in Europe, and one must consider them to fulfil their dreams of becoming doctors. There are already thousands of students getting into MBBS courses with quality education abroad in 12 different countries. The duration of the courses in around six years and courses are generally offered in English.

MBBS from Europe Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students

For Indian students in Europe, there are a few general requirements and eligibility parameters to be followed. The college or school undergraduate qualifications are to be surveyed individually, and there are few common standards to be achieved. Most of the colleges offer courses in English. Therefore, the prospective student must have a strong grasp in the language. There are also other European Languages like French and other national languages the knowledge of which might help in students getting into the respective university. Subjects like biology, physics, chemistry and maths hold greater importance, and the student must have acquired 60% in these subjects. There are other records which help in getting the admission including academic achievements in school and college, work experiences and internships, and additional skills in computers, etc. Apart from these, Letter of Recommendation from teachers and mentors along with a good Statement of Purpose greatly boost your chances of admission in the foreign universities. Students also need to apply for the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) or MCI and passing it is comparatively easier for genuine students.

Documents required for MBBS in Europe 2019

Aspiring students need to apply for a visa to study outside India, and that requires some necessary documents to be approved.

  • Verified travel identification- Minimum three months up to its lapse date.
  • Documentation to demonstrate plan and reasons to stay in Europe.
  • Schedule of the journey.
  • Two current international ID verified photographs.
  • Medical and travel insurance for the respective nation.
  • Letter of acknowledgement from the college.
  • Bank receipt to demonstrate that the handling charges are paid.

For admission in the particular university, these are the documents one needs for the procedure.

  • 10th and 12th mark sheet- The board examinations are an important part of Indian education, and their proof and results are a must to be produced for any admission. Any national and state board can be recognised for this procedure.
  • Transfer certificate, Birth certificate and Migration certificate- These are important documents which must be produced and can easily be received from the previous institution.
  • Six passport size photos
  • Health insurance and medical certificate are mentioning important disabilities or diseases if any. HIV test reports are included.
  • Valid passport.

Why Studying MBBS in Europe is a Good Decision?

Several countries in Europe are known for their prestigious medical universities. Not only that but for Indians, the option of studying abroad becomes much more viable than in India because of the cost efficiency along with quality education. Here’s to list a few more reasons why one can opt for Europe for their MBBS.


  • Affordable- It’s not only the lower tuition fee of the medical colleges but also the cost-efficient style of living. Accommodation in Europe is comparatively cheaper than in most other countries which support a good student lifestyle.
  • No Entrance tests- It might sound unreal for several medical aspirants in India who drop several years of their student life to get a good government college, but several good colleges in Europe don’t consider entrance tests for admission. However, a lot does depend on school performance and other co-curricular activities.
  • Exposure- Studying abroad is the most attractive option because of the international exposure that it offers. One gets to interact with people from several backgrounds and countries and get acquainted with several cultures which one can never experience in one’s own country.

Few Challenges Faced in MBBS in Europe

Despite the several benefits, studying abroad has its share of risks and challenges to overcome.

  • Language barrier- The language is the first thing one can notice while shifting to a new land. Despite achieving excellence in language courses, any person can face problems in understanding the local dialect and accent when they have not been familiar to them.
  • Cultural differences- Every new place has its cultural mechanism which often takes time for outsiders to understand. Often there might be cases when one person stands out differently in the class because of their looks based on their ethnicity or race. Though most colleges do have policies against bullying and ragging, these are very sensitive cases, and one must be wary of these situations and not let them discourage you.
  • Currency differences- Currency is the most important possession while shifting to a new place and one must make the most out of their buck.  Every currency has a different value compared to another currency, and one might not register when one is spending beyond or below their budget. Therefore, one must always keep track of their money and the value that they are transacting.

Facilities Provided To Indian Students in Europe

Several European universities have kept targets to attain admissions from India among other nations. To fulfill their targets, they have opened several facilities up to the benefit of the Indian students. For example, in universities in France, there are over 1000 courses available in English as an easier option for Indians. They have eased the visa regulations such that it gets convenient for students to travel abroad. They have also allowed students to work part-time so that they can earn their own pocket money. Moreover, several companies in Europe have operations in India, and these imply greater access to jobs through these countries.  

The education quality is one of the best in the world. There are several options for the students to specialize on with teachers encouraging the students for niche subjects. The pedagogy cultivates creativity in a non-hierarchical setting. The methodology boosts skill for out-of-the-box thinking in researches and academic papers.

Course Duration of MBBS in Europe

The duration of MBBS course in most European medical colleges is around 5 to 6 years which is similar to that of the same in India. The entire course consists of 360 credits spread out among ten semesters and the practical year. The ten semesters involve five years of the course and comprise of 30 credits each. The sixth-year also is known as the practical year contains 60 credits. Most op universities offer additional support for the MD degree after completion of the MBBS.  There are several other options including niche categories to explore in Europe which help individuals flourish their skill. One must note that there are several programs in the medical schools which have different course durations. While Nursing and Physiotherapy have a 4-year program, most other fields like Veterinary medicine and Dentistry have the general 6-year programs. Different qualifications have different job prospects.

MBBS Fee Structure For Studying in Europe

One must contact educational experts regarding the fee structure of several colleges and which might fit a specific budget for someone. The currency changes must also be noted while calculating the fee requirements in a college. One must also consider the exact tuition fees, hostel fees, and living cost while choosing a college for their studies. Given are the top MBBS Universities in Europe and their annual fees in INR. Georgia is one of the best places in Europe to study MBBS because of its low-cost tuition fees and also lower accommodation costs.  After having looked at any list, one must confirm the same from the college officials for confirmation and notice of any changes.

  • The University of Traditional Medicine located in Yerevan, Armenia. The annual fees are 1.70 Lakh/year.
  • Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University located in Tbilisi, Georgia. The annual fees are 3.40 lakh/year.
  • Akaki Tsereteli State University located in Kutaisi, Georgia. The annual fees are 3.40 lakhs/year.

Advantages of Studying MBBS Course in Europe For Indian Students

There are several advantages one may consider to study MBBS in Europe.

  1. No entrance tests. A good performance in 12th boards is quite enough, and many universities go for the first-cum-first-serve basis.
  2. Effectively low cost of living.
  3. No donation fee along with the low cost of the tuition fee.
  4. Great world-class infrastructure with quality education.
  5. International Exposure
  6. Job prospective almost ensured.
  7. The English language offered in maximum universities.
  8. Well recognized universities in India certified by MCI and also international organizations like UNESCO and WHO.
  9. Cultural Exposure.
  10. Easier to settle down because of the thriving population of Indians in Europe.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS course in Europe

On the other hand, there are also certain disadvantages faced by many students in taking this decision.

  1. Language can become a barrier to new students. Every local region has a distinct dialect and accent which is difficult to catch on.
  2. Barriers in relevant knowledge- Since Europe is fairly different as per the weather conditions and vegetation, there are different variations of diseases. A fair portion of relevant knowledge for Indian population can be left out.
  3. Homesickness and cultural outsider- being away from friends and family and not being able to make new friends can take a toll on student’s psychology.
  4. Cultural differences can make a person feel very left out.
  5. Fraudulent overseas consultancies often earn money by deception and guiding people wrongly. One must be aware of them.

Job Opportunities in India after MBBS from Europe

One can have several job opportunities after studying MBBS from Europe. One may either stay in Europe for their career or can easily shift to India. An international degree in India can hold great recognition while getting jobs here. Moreover, several specialization degrees are essential for certain jobs like a veterinary doctor or physiotherapist. However, several students feel that getting a job after coming from abroad becomes a bit challenging mostly due to the MCI screening test. Nonetheless, it is only a myth that clearing the exam is tough. For most of the genuine students, the exam can be easily dealt with, and several private and government sectors accept them for jobs. The choice of university and course does make a huge impact on your career prospects.

Few FAQs-

What is the Total Cost of MBBS in Europe?

The total cost of MBBS in Europe is far less compared to Indian private institutes. One can cover the tuition fees in the range of 9 to 60 lacs depending on the location and course specialization. Tuition fee is very low compared to Indian colleges with reasonable hostel and accommodation charges. One must note the currency difference while calculating the cost. Attaining scholarships available in various universities can also make a huge relief in the total fees of the college. Amongst the countries in Europe- Georgia, Poland and Germany are among the top preferences for students to go for MBBS because of quality education at a lower cost.

Does an Indian student require passport and Visa to study in Europe?

Yes, any Indian student must acquire a passport and visa to study in most of countries Europe. There are several documents which one would need to get a visa to Europe including the passport, board exam certificates, medical reports and also the official invitation letter from the respective university. The passport must also be updated for the purpose. These documents are not difficult to produce but may require some time to be produced by their respective authorities. Hence, one must already be prepared with the documents while applying for a university abroad.

What is the List of MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Europe?

There are several colleges approved by the MCI in Europe. Here is a list of selected colleges which have lower tuition fees.

  1. People Friendship University (Russia)
  2. Pirogov Russia NRM University (Russia)
  3. Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University (Ukraine)
  4. Odesa National Medical University (Ukraine)
  5. Caucasus International University (Tbilisi, Georgia)
  6. David Tvildiani Medical University (Tbilisi, Georgia)
  7. University of Lodz (Poland)
  8. Gomel State Medical University (Belarus)
  9. Azerbaijan Medical University (Azerbaijan)
  10. University of Catholique de Lille (France)
  11. Akaki Tsereteli State University (Georgia)
  12. University of Heidelberg (Germany)



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